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Autism Treatment

Autism Treatment

There are several options for treating autism, and at Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group we can offer an alternative to traditional therapies.

There are several options for treating autism, and at Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group we can offer an alternative to traditional therapies.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has shown great potential as an alternative autism treatment. Traditionally, doctors have recommended behavioral, pharmaceutical, and dietary therapies to treat autism. Each of these require some time and, so far, have shown little efficacy. Some recent studies, though have shown that HBOT can potentially address symptoms associated with autistic spectrum disorder.

Cerebral hypoperfusion, inflammation, immune dysregulation, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction are believed to have an impact on autism, though no one is currently sure what exactly causes the disorder. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce the levels of inflammation and increase blood circulation to the brain, which could provide an effective treatment.

Studies suggest that HBOT for childhood autism could potentially help improve cognitive performance and memory.

Some trials showed that hyperbaric therapy led to noticeable improvements in verbalizations, speech, and social interactions.

Teenagers with autistic spectrum disorder were able to build their self-help skills and ability to acquire skills.

Many studies observed a reduction in problem behavior, repetitive behavior, and other related behaviors.

The increased oxygen supply can reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and improve mitochondrial dysfunction.

Other positive observations include improved language communication, handwriting, fine motor skills, and better moods.

Discover how to treat autism with hyperbaric oxygen. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

The cumulative evidence demonstrates the innumerable benefits hyperbaric oxygen therapy can bring to patients undergoing cosmetic surgery.

More and more studies are showing how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder in both children and adults. The potential benefits include changes in cognitive abilities, communication behavior, and fine motor skills. Most of this, it is believed, is a result of the reduced inflammation, increased circulation, and improved mitochondrial function.

Even though the FDA has not yet approved HBOT for autism, we understand if you don’t want to wait for the entire scientific community to catch up to what controlled studies and case studies have already demonstrated – there is recorded benefit with little to no risk in using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat autism. Proponents of HBOT for autism include the Autism Research Institute and the Center for Autism Research and Education. If you’re ready to explore your options for autism treatment, contact us today to learn more.

Legal Disclaimer

While the studies on the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy suggest promising results for a variety of medical conditions, individual results may vary. There are no guarantees for a specific outcome. HBOT may not be appropriate for every condition or ever individual.

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