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Alzheimer’s Treatment

What are some benefits of HBOT / Oxygen?

Pure oxygen provided during hyperbaric oxygen treatment plays an important role and has numerous positive effects on the body including:

  1. Angiogenesis: Stimulates the growth of capillaries, which are tiny blood vessels that transport blood and nutrients to the body cells/tissues with oxygen deficiency to promote wound healing.
  2. Antimicrobial Effects: HBOT promotes the healing of infections by preventing the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
  3. Decreased Inflammation: HBOT drives increased levels of oxygen into damaged, oxygen-deprived tissues, subsequently reducing inflammation.
  4. Hyperoxygenation: Breathing 100% pure saturated oxygen allows the body’s repair of cellular function.
  5. Bone Regeneration: HBOT can help activate bone-building cells and accelerate the recovery of bone tissue.
  6. Tissue Repair: Oxygen can help stimulate the release of stem cells and growth factors, which can lead to improved tissue regeneration and repair

Do I need a doctor’s note?

Yes. Since 100% pure oxygen is considered a drug by FDA, a written prescription is required from a physician (MD, DO, or DDS) according to federal law in the United States. You can obtain a prescription/order from your physician since they did your procedure. Another way is to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians for a medical clearance just to make sure that HBOT is appropriate and beneficial for you.

Why do I need a prescription? I didn’t need one at the other hyperbaric place?

The reason why Aalto requires a prescription is because our Sechrist hyperbaric chambers are medical-grade chambers that provide 100% pure oxygen and are approved by FDA to treat different medical conditions. Since our chamber provides 100% pure oxygen, federal law requires a written prescription.

Numerous centers own soft-sided hyperbaric chambers or “mild chambers,” which are not approved as medical devices by the FDA. Therefore, these hyperbaric chambers do not provide the same benefits as our hard-shell chambers.

How to set up an appointment?

For hyperbaric treatment inquiries and appointments, you can call our number (310) 507-7942 (for Century City appointments) or (818) 629-8988 (for Woodland Hills appointments). For any questions or concerns, you can also email Contact@aaltohyperbaric.com. Before setting up an appointment, you need to obtain a prescription or order from your physician. Aalto’s physician also provides medical clearance for the treatment.

Why are we limited to only a 2.0 ATA?

The increased pressure enables more dissolved oxygen into the tissues and increases oxygen levels in the body. According to the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), hyperbaric oxygen therapy must be administered at a minimum of 1.4 Atmosphere Absolute (ATA) to be beneficial. Based on a patient’s conditions or how they feel, ATA can be adjusted up to maximum pressure of 3.0 ATA for a safe therapy. However, authoritative guidelines recommend 2.0 – 2.5 ATA. Any higher ATA can cause discomfort or an increased chance of common complications.

How come I can’t have lotion or sunscreen on?/Why can’t I have make-up or lotion on during the treatment?

We ask that patients come in free of hair products, lotions, sunscreens, make-up, or perfume to lower fire risk and prevent harmful vapors from forming in the chamber. While manufacturers may emphasize hyperbaric chamber’s fire-resistant materials, there is still a low probability that certain flammable materials may produce flammable vapor, static electricity, or ignite a fire in the oxygen-rich environment.

How do I prepare for HBOT treatment?

We recommend you arrive 30 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment to allow for ample time for parking and filling paperwork. While our building has a lot of parking available on-site, there will be times, when parking can be difficult. Before going into the chamber, we provide patients with clothes that are safe for use in the hyperbaric chamber and go over a checklist to ensure all prohibited items are removed. Aalto provides lockers for patients to lock up removed and valuable items. To ensure a smooth process, there are a few steps that we recommend patients follow:

  1. Cold and flu symptoms: If you feel sick or have flu-like symptoms, please reschedule your HBOT treatment until you feel healthy enough. Receiving HBOT while you are sick is not recommended
  2. Prohibited Items: Cosmetic products, artificial hairs, accessories, and electronic devices, such as mobile phones, are not allowed in the oxygen-rich chamber due to potential fire hazards.
  3. Avoid Smoking: Including e-cigarettes and vaping. Smoking and vaping cause constriction of the small blood vessels and may counter the healing benefits of the treatments. Smoking may also raise heart rate and blood pressure during treatment
  4. Medications to Avoid: Bleomycin, Sulfamylon, Cisplatin, Disuriram (Antibuse®) Doxorubicin, all medication patches, and all petroleum- or nitroglycerin-based ointments. Speak with your physician or healthcare provider in advance.d
  5. Alcohol and Carbonated Drinks: Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before and carbonated drinks 4 hours before therapy, since these beverages can disrupt the absorption of oxygen. Daily alcohol consumption over the course of your treatment could put you at risk of a seizure
  6. Caffeine: Before HBOT treatments, caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea should be limited since caffeine constricts blood vessels
  7. Clothing – Our clothes are 100% cotton clothing, which is acceptable inside the chamber since it does not carry static-like synthetic fibers, which is a safety risk.
  8. Paperwork – We ask patients to fill out the Patient Intake Form prior to coming it

Is HBOT guaranteed to help/cure/heal my condition?

There are no guarantees of outcome since a lot of medical problems never go away completely. These conditions may necessarily not be cured with HBOT treatments, but they can be treated or managed for all FDA-approved and many off-label conditions. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may not be appropriate for every individual and not be applicable to your condition. We suggest you consult with your health care provider before undergoing any HBOT treatments.

How is Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group different from other HBOT?

At Aalto, we use FDA-approved medical-grade hyperbaric chambers that provide 100% pure oxygen to treat various medical conditions. Our Sechrist chambers are hard-shell chambers made of clear acrylic as opposed to soft-sided chambers offered in many centers. These soft-sided chambers or “mild-chambers” do not provide the same benefits nor are they approved by FDA.

Our monoplace chambers are the largest chambers available in the industry allowing each patient to sit or lie comfortably inside. Our trained technicians perform a daily safety check to ensure the safety of our patients. At Aalto, we offer personalized, luxurious, and compassionate care to all of our patients, promoting a long-lasting relationship.

What are the side effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Overall, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe, and minor risks are associated with the usage of hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Our professional HBOT technicians will go over all listed side effects with you in person prior to treatment, but the most common side effect people experience is the pressure felt within the ears or sinuses. Once treatment is over, the pressure in your ears will be able to equalize again.

What does the treatment feel like?

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the air pressure in the room is about two to three times normal air pressure. The increased air pressure will create a temporary feeling of fullness in your ears.

The best way to describe the feeling of oxygen therapy is to picture yourself taking off in an airplane. There’s a specific sensation that occurs when airplanes land and takeoff, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is similar to this feeling.

How are patients referred for treatment?

Patients can self-refer or be referred by a physician. Each patient is evaluated by our medical staff and medical director and is treated based on their specific needs and diagnosis.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount and duration of treatments you need will be determined by the condition you are being treated for. For instance, acute conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning are treated in 1 – 2 sessions, whereas chronic conditions may require a minimum of 30 sessions.

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