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Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Treating cerebral palsy with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is showing a lot of potential for patients who have not responded to traditional methods.

Treating cerebral palsy with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is showing a lot of potential for patients who have not responded to traditional methods.

The results of some recent tests are showing signs that HBOT treatments for cerebral palsy can result in improved gross motor functions, fine motor control, reduced spasticity, and better speech, attention, and memory. It has been suggested that hyperbaric therapy is more effective with children who developed cerebral palsy from a brain injury that caused lack of oxygen rather than a genetic or developmental cause.

Cerebral palsy affects every patient differently and can cause everything from mild disabilities to extremely severe impairments. The outcome of traditional treatments is often unsatisfactory, and, currently, there is no known medical treatment for CP, except for providing as much support as possible. This is why so many more people are exploring their options with HBOT.

Cerebral palsy can lead to lower blood flow and metabolism in the brain, something that can be addressed by pumping more oxygen into the blood stream.

HBOT can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood by up to 20 times so the brain has enough to neutralize toxins, promote new blood vessel growth, and reduce inflammation.

Some recent studies suggest that HBOT can reduce the pressure in the brain that is linked to swelling, which can aid in the repair of some types of damage.

HBOT makes more oxygen available for metabolic use without using up more energy since the high pressure means the body isn’t trying to absorb the energy on its.

Conventional treatments for CP are often unsatisfactory since there is such a wide clinical spectrum of this disorder.

Some of the reported benefits include improved cognitive functions, fine/gross motor skills, enhanced speech, reduced spasticity, and more.

At Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group, we are committed to providing alternative treatments for people living with cerebral palsy.

The cumulative evidence demonstrates the innumerable benefits hyperbaric oxygen therapy can bring to patients undergoing cosmetic surgery.

There is currently no known cure for CP, and we’re not here to make any such claim about HBOT, either. However, studies continue to show a lot of promise in this area, since hyperbaric oxygen therapy appears to promote neurogenesis, moderate mitochondrial disorders, and encourage/enhance stem cell mobilization and proliferation. These benefits can all potentially have an impact on the treatment.

Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group has been providing professional treatments for a wide range of conditions. If you have been unsatisfied with the traditional CP therapies, contact us today or come and visit our state-of-the-art facility. Pure oxygen is nature’s way of healing. Come in and explore this alternative for yourself.

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