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Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Having a traumatic brain injury comes with various complications. Depending where the damage was done and how long it has been since it happened, there are limited amount of brain injury treatment options available. Hyperbaric chamber therapy has been shown to improve the condition of the brain and alleviate some of the common symptoms.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits in Brain injuries

Brain injuries happen as brain tissue is damaged. The way that hyperbaric oxygen therapy works is a person is put into a chamber with high pressure. The air is composed of pure oxygen which enters the body under the high-pressure environment. This oxygenates the blood to a higher level than normal and delivers oxygen to the damaged tissue.

Brain injuries are often slow to heal from the lack of blood flow to the damaged area. When the damage is extensive, it requires more time, oxygen, and nutrients to heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown improved blood circulation, faster blood vessel healing, and decreased inflammation.

What to Expect During Treatment

While treatments may seem space age, they are not overly complicated. The person will arrive and asked to be changed into a hospital gown. After going into a sealed chamber, the treatment is started. The person receiving hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy can watch television or listen to music as they relax and breathe in the high oxygen air.

Treatment time will vary, but usually lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Depending on severity of the traumatic brain injury, the number of visits will be decided. Improvements can often be seen after only a few treatments but may take more time for some people treating traumatic brain injuries.

A study comparing the effects of traumatic brain injury treatment that involved hyperbaric oxygen therapy versus a more traditional treatment showed improvement in outcomes. Using the Glasgow coma scale and overall mortality rates, patients with the hyperbaric chamber treatment had higher positive outcomes and lower overall mortality. The study concluded that using hyperbaric treatment should be used as a standard intensive care regimen.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is good for mild brain injury too. Another study showed that its use had a positive effect on military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. For the person studied most extensively, the PTSD was a side effect of a mild brain injury caused from an explosion that caused a loss of consciousness. After using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the chronic brain injury was improved, and all PTSD symptoms resolved.

This has been seen multiple times in research. Another study found post-concussion syndrome symptoms can improve with hyperbaric chamber therapy, even years after the injury was sustained. Many patients saw an improved quality of life after using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


At Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group, we value scientific evidence and innovation, so we send our doctors to meetings held by the European Underwater and Baromedical Society, Hyperbaric Medicine International Society, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, and the International Hyperbarics Association every year.

Getting Started

If you are interested in trying hyperbaric chamber therapy as a treatment for you or a loved one, you may have some questions. Make sure that you talk to your doctor to see if you qualify. If you have any questions about availability or the methods, please give us a call. We are happy to walk through a typical treatment and discuss the process.

Legal Disclaimer

While the studies on the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy suggest promising results for a variety of medical conditions, individual results may vary. There are no guarantees for a specific outcome. HBOT may not be appropriate for every condition or ever individual.

The content information provided within this site are for educational and informational purposes only and not to be considered as medical advice.  Please consult with your treating medical physician before pursuing any form of therapy, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  In full support of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, off-label Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is considered Investigational and Experimental.why not try these outget the factsclick here for morehigh end replica watchesmib watch replicaphone case lanyardhandyhülle mit kordelsmartphonehoesjes kortingscodeelfbar nikotinfrei pods una nuova generazione di e sigarette per unesperienza di vaping sicura

If you are experiencing any kind of medical emergency, always call 911 or your doctor immediately.


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