The FDA has approved hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a number of specific treatments, but the benefits of 100% pure oxygen don’t stop there.

In fact, HBOT has the potential to benefit our overall health in several different ways.

But to understand how it does that, it’s important to understand what, exactly, HBOT does to your body.

Let’s break it down into three basic categories. (As defined on the John Hopkins Medicine website.)

  1. Saturate the Plasma with Oxygen

When the blood stream is fully saturated with pure oxygen, it can help heal wounds. This is important because a wound can potentially damage the body’s blood vessels, which could lead to fluids leaking into the tissues and causing the area to swell up.

Swelling, in turn, makes it hard for damaged cells to get the oxygen they need.

HBOT helps reduce swelling so oxygen can reach damaged areas of the body.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also helps prevent the severe tissue damage that could happen when the blood supply returns to the tissues after a time of oxygen deprivation. This is usually a consequence of a crush injury – something that causes the blood vessels to close up. HBOT reduces this problem so healing can continue normally.

  1. Block Harmful Bacteria and Strengthen the Immune System

The increased oxygen can fight against the toxins of certain bacteria while also helping the body resist infections. On top of all that, it can help white blood cells do their job, which is to find and wipe out unwanted bodily invaders.

  1. Encourage the Formation of New Collagen and Skin Cells

Increased oxygen encourages new blood vessel formation and stimulates cells to produce vascular endothelial growth factor. This will attract and stimulate the endothelial cells that are necessary for the growth, development and repair of normal tissue.

So, now that we know what HBOT does to your body, we can extrapolate a range of important benefits for our overall health. Consider the following:


HBOT can potentially fight or even reverse some of the processes that are associated with aging. We know that hyperbaric oxygen creates more collagen, restores blood vessels, and improves many skin conditions, this can all help you look and feel younger.

The anti-aging treatment goes beyond that, though, because HBOT can help expel dead cells that have accumulated in the body, improve your immune system so you can fight off sicknesses even as you get older. It can even help you feel less fatigue and recover faster after an exertion.

Oxygen saturation can also help reduce joint pain, which we all start to experience as we grow older.

Mental Acuity

Studies show how important an abundant supply of oxygen in the brain can be. HBOT can potentially have a beneficial impact on a wide range of mental conditions while improving overall mental acuity. Right now, there are ongoing studies on the impact of HBOT on conditions like dementia, depression, PTSD, and more.

Athletic Treatments

Many athletes are prone to everything from sore muscles to severe injuries. Swelling in the joints can also quickly put a stop to this year’s activities, at least until you find the right athletics treatment.

We know that HBOT directly reduces swelling, and it can repair broken blood vessels, so if you are facing problems like: sprains, fractures, pulled muscles, contusions, or tendinitis, you could get help through hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Healthier Skin

Since HBOT contributes to the formation of new collagen and blood vessels, it can have a really beneficial impact on your skin. And, since it also helps reduce inflammation and swelling, it even has potential to be an effective psoriasis treatment.

Psoriasis symptoms are the result of the immune system causing an inflammation in the body as it tries to fight off a perceived invasion. HBOT can help get these kinds of systemic inflammations back under control.

Reversing Oxygen Depletion

Oxygen depletion (anemia) can lead to fatigue, altered mental states, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and more.

The FDA has approved HBOT as a treatment for anemia. Patients can treat and sometimes reverse a range of the symptoms associated with a severe oxygen depletion.

Experience Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits for Yourself

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