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Are you considering undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)? You’ll naturally want to know how it works, the health benefits, and how long the effects last. Aalto Hyperbaric is dedicated to delivering the benefits of high-pressure oxygen treatment. 

The FDA approves hyperbaric oxygen therapy for various conditions, but you need trustworthy facilities and experts. At Aalto, we use 100% pure oxygen in our chambers to help you experience the benefits of HBOT. 

Here’s an overview of HBOT, what it involves, and how long the effects last:

What Does HBOT Involve?

Before we examine how long HBOT effects last, you should understand what the therapy involved. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment involving delivering pure, high-pressure oxygen to individuals within an enclosed chamber.

Aalto Hyperbaric has chambers for one or more people at a time. The chambers deliver 100% pure oxygen at two or three times higher than normal air pressure.

HBOT settings allow your lungs to take in more oxygen. This expedites the healing and recovery processes for a variety of medical conditions. A typical session at Aalto takes 60 to 120 minutes, but our doctors prescribe different treatment sessions based on your unique needs. 

HBOT benefits will also increase over time, so you’ll need multiple sessions. The therapy delivers more oxygen to your lungs, essential in healing and combating bacteria. HBOT initially targeted decompression sickness but has evolved to remedy various ailments. 

What Are The Effects of HBOT?

Aalto HBOT treatment involves saturating your blood cells and tissues with high concentrations of 100% oxygen in a controlled environment. Oxygen surplus has many benefits, from stimulating healing and treating infections to reversing carbon monoxide poisoning. The FDA has approved our treatment for 13 conditions, including air/gas embolism, anemia, thermal burns, and decompression sickness.

Here are the direct effects of HBOT treatment:

1.    Oxygen Surplus

The primary goal of HBOT is to create oxygen surplus in your blood and cells. Concentrated oxygen can treat conditions caused by insufficient oxygen. At Aalto Hyperbaric, we fine-tune the pressure to your unique needs to ensure you get enough oxygen supply. 100% pure oxygen can help displace harmful molecules and bacteria and reach all cells in your body. HBOT is an effective treatment if you suffer from hypoxemia (low oxygen in your blood). 

2.    Wound Healing

Our HBOT treatment can stimulate the natural healing process. The chamber delivers oxygen-rich plasma to tissues starved for oxygen due to damaged vessels. Wounds can damage capillaries and other blood vessels causing some tissues to starve for oxygen. Our hyperbaric chamber delivers pressurized oxygen in its purest form. During treatment, more oxygen is absorbed into your blood, reducing swelling and tissue damage.

3.    Infection Resistance

HBOT treatment can block harmful bacteria and help you resist infection. High oxygen concentration in the cells and tissues is vital in stimulating the growth of white blood cells. Undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy can strengthen your immune system and help you resist infections. Increased oxygen supply will also aid the fight against bacterial infections that have already attacked your body. Wound healing also blocks the common pathway for infections.

4.    Collagen Creation

Aalto Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes the creation of connective tissues and skin cells. Saturating your blood vessels with oxygen supports the formation of collagen and new blood cells in injured areas. The therapy also stimulates cells to produce vascular endothelial growth elements, which enable the growth of endothelial tissues. Collagen creation is required to recover from injury, burns, skin grafts, and a variety of medical procedures.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

When you visit Aalto Hyperbaric, we’ll use the initial consultation to examine your condition, medical history, and needs. Our treatment addresses many ailments, and you may be prescribed 20 to 40 sessions to achieve the best outcome. Each person has unique needs, and some have chronic conditions that require lifetime management. The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can last for several months or years, depending on your condition and medical history. 

If you seek to strengthen your immunity, you need to repeat HBOT sessions from time to time throughout your lifetime. HBOT for wound care, fibromyalgia, and psoriasis are all different. Our practitioners will review your condition and determine the ideal number of sessions. You may also need revisits after long breaks.

HBOT for Wound Care

The clinical effectiveness of HBOT treatment for wound care is well-established. A 2014 study revealed that HBOT could treat and improve the appearance of complex wounds after a few sessions. The study indicated that hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivered five times per week had reduced the wound size by 29.7% after five treatments. 

Wounds need oxygen to heal and receive it through the complex supply from blood vessels. Our HBOT treatment goes beyond the capillary network by delivering oxygen at high pressure to reach all extremities. You may not notice immediate improvements, but your wound will heal faster over the next couple of HBOT sessions.

HBOT for Chronic Pain

Many people who visit Aalto Hyperbaric seek relief for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. HBOT has shown promise as a complementary treatment for people with chronic pain. A 2015 clinical trial revealed that HBOT could positively impact the lives of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome.

In the study, patients received 90-minute sessions five days a week for 40 sessions. Our doctors will evaluate your needs to customize the treatment for your condition. We’ve seen patients recover from chronic pain caused by different ailments, including depression-induced headaches and migraines.

HBOT for Skin Conditions

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve various skin conditions, including Psoriasis Vulgaris. A 2009 study put HBOT to task by subjecting two patients with psoriasis to different treatments. The first patient had eight 60-minute sessions delivered at a rate of one session per day, five times a week. After treatment, the symptoms, scaling, and itching were significantly reduced.

The second patient received 90-minute sessions and showed significant improvement after six sessions and even better results after 15 sessions. HBOT has since become a target for various skin conditions other than psoriasis. At Aalto Hyperbaric, we regularly serve patients seeking the skin revitalizing benefits of HBOT and recommend the treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a promising treatment for various acute and chronic conditions. Depending on your situation, the effects and results can be temporary or permanent. At Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group, we have state-of-the-art chambers and experienced practitioners ready to help you experience the benefits of HBOT. Our treatment is customized to your needs to improve your body’s immunity and stimulate natural healing.



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