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Here is what we know about COVID-19: it infiltrates the respiratory system causing acute respiratory distress from complications ranging from lung mechanics failure to blood clots[2].

Here is what we know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy[1]: it oxygenates the blood helping to inhibit pulmonary inflammation, suppress respiratory secretions, and prevent coagulation or formation of blood clots.

As we look at the novel coronavirus, it seems to be an intuitive summation that HBOT would be helpful in treating this disease, which seems to be getting attention judging by recent studies[3] and clinical peer discussion[4]. From NYU’s Langone Health to Dr. Caroline Fife from the St. Luke’s Hospital, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being studied for its benefits to the immune system in relation to COVID-19.

Keep in mind that HBOT is not a cure for COVID-19, but it has been demonstrated to dramatically increase the immune function of patients.

HBOT, The Immune System, and COVID-19

Our immune system is essential to our survival and keeps us healthy because it prevents our body from being attacked by bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

An example of the body’s immune response system is made up of white blood cells. White blood cells circulate in the body in the blood and are on constant patrol for bacteria, viruses,  and parasites. When the white blood cells find a target they begin to multiply and send signals out to the other cell types to do the same.

As we age our immune response capability becomes reduced. When
your immune system is compromised it allows viruses like COVID-19 to enter your body.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy boosts immunity by delivering 100% oxygen to the pulmonary system[5] (lungs) which then delivers this oxygenated blood throughout the rest of the body. HBOT kills germs, eliminates bacteria[6], and increases the number of white blood cells. It provides an aggregate positive effect on a person’s overall immune system.

“Keep in mind that HBOT is not a cure for COVID-19, but it has been demonstrated to dramatically increase the immune function of patients. “

Potential of HBOT for Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia

In an article written by Caroline Fife, M.D. of NYU’s Lagone Health, she writes about her thoughts about HBOT as a treatment for COVID-19:

Thus, HBOT may be an option for very sick but not yet intubated patients as way to keep intubation from becoming necessary. There may be a subset of patients who are on, for example 6 liters of nasal canula oxygen or on 100% NRB, and are still hypoxic. Those are the patients likely headed for intubation. If they were given HBOT via the Built in Breathing (BIBS) (which also has the advantage of protecting inside attendants from their respiratory particles), HBOT may be able to adequately oxygenate the blood and delay or prevent the need for intubation.

Right now all the intubated patients in ARDS from COVID-19 are being “bridged” with the ventilator. Meaning, we are trying to buy time, allowing them to survive the protracted hypoxemia and lung injury until some healing can occur. Intubated patients will be on the vent for about 2 weeks.  It is possible that HBOT could be a “bridge” to get patients past the need for intubation.  We also believe that HBOT will have an additive anti-inflammatory effect.”

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