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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, has become increasingly popular for various reasons. At Aalto Hyperbaric, we offer state-of-the-art care while educating our patients. Hyperbaric chamber autism treatments, depression treatments, and more are some of the ways that HBOT can affect the brain.

HBOT and the Brain

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can affect the brain in more than one way. The treatment is a physical one, but it may be able to assist in a number of mental conditions. To understand how HBOT may affect the brain, it is key to understand how HBOT works in general. 

Once inside an HBOT chamber, a patient’s body is flooded with 100% pure oxygen. This oxygen is inhaled and seeps through the pores in the skin as well. The pure oxygen then travels to the area(s) of the body that are in need of assistance. HBOT can increase the speed of healing processes, can help reduce infections, and can stimulate cell production. The areas in which HBOT can assist have begun to extend beyond physical issues and into mental conditions.

Neurological Disorder Treatments 

HBOT may be an effective way to treat neurological disorders. These disorders can often be caused by blood flow issues. These issues can be due to low blood or no blood (Ischemia). Neurological disorders and the severity of each can range from person to person. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may assist in treatment when traditional treatment is not creating the success a patient is looking for. HBOT is safe and may assist in treating: 

Hyperbaric Chamber Autism: What To Know

Hyperbaric oxygen may be a helpful treatment for those who have been diagnosed with Autism. Aalto Hyperbaric offers an alternative to traditional treatments for those who may not be having success. Autism can be affected by cerebral hypoperfusion, inflammation, immune dysregulation, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction. When an Autistic patient enters a hyperbaric chamber, the levels of inflammation can be reduced and blood circulation to the brain can be improved significantly. 

The increased oxygen supply patients receive during this treatment may reduce inflammation and thus decrease oxidative stress, improving mitochondrial function. Though there is no cure for Autism, HBOT may be a great alternative treatment to increase improvement in language, fine motor skills, social interactions, and more.  

Alzheimer’s, HBOT, and the Brain 

Alzheimer’s is a progressive cognitive disorder that may also be helped through HBOT. A deficiency in the amount of oxygen getting to tissues or hypoxia may be related to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. When a patient with Alzheimer’s chooses to use HBOT, hypoxia can decrease as the chambers provide 100% pure oxygen.

The pathological processes of the disease can be impacted by HBOT. This is because HBOT can assist in microcirculation, mitochondrial function, and other areas. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be able to help patients navigate symptoms throughout their Alzheimer’s diagnosis. 

Depression Treatment With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

Depression is caused by brainwaves and chemical imbalances. Although speech therapy is helpful in guiding a patient through their diagnosis, it may not directly affect these imbalances. HBOT may be a great alternative to traditional medications like antidepressants. Hyperbaric oxygen can work by increasing the oxygenation of the blood and tissues. This oxygenation may improve neuronal functioning.

If the brain is not receiving as much oxygen as is necessary for proper functioning, it can create problematic imbalances. When a patient enters a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, exposure to pure oxygen may be helpful in reducing the imbalances that cause depression.

Alleviate Migraines With HBOT 

Migraines cause an invisible, internal pain that can affect your daily life. HBOT may be helpful in alleviating the symptoms and frequency of migraines. Although the exact cause of a migraine is unknown, it may be caused by waves of brain cell activity that set off the release of serotonin. The release of serotonin can cause the blood vessels to narrow, which decreases the amount of oxygen reaching the brain.

HBOT can assist in increasing the level of oxygen that reaches the brain. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has not been shown to treat the cause of migraines but may be able to assist in alleviating the symptoms of a current migraine or headache. 

Potential PTSD Treatment 

Post-traumatic stress disorder can cause real changes within the chemical makeup of the brain. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be an effective treatment for those suffering from the effects of PTSD. HBOT increases oxygen levels that may assist in the healing process of the harmed brain tissues. It can also improve blood flow and decrease inflammation. When the brain tissue is healed, it may decrease the symptoms of PTSD. 

Decreasing Dementia

There is potential to decrease the symptoms of those who have been diagnosed with Dementia through HBOT. Similar to Alzheimer’s, Dementia may be caused by hypoxia, the lack of oxygen to the brain. Through hyperbaric oxygen treatments, a patient can increase the amount of oxygen throughout the entire body, which includes the brain. The sooner dementia patient begins their treatment through HBOT, the more likely they can be to see positive effects. HBOT may be an effective way to get more oxygen to the brain and proactively decrease the effects of Dementia. 

Other Areas of Treatment 

Besides the brain, there are other areas that can be helped with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. HBOT can affect areas that are in need of healing, like wounds. The treatment has been approved to treat 14 different conditions by the FDA; the more research is done surrounding HBOT, the more areas of treatment increase. To learn about a particular condition and whether or not it can be assisted with HBOT, go to our website. 

Aalto Hyperbaric for Brain HBOT Treatments 

At Aalto Hyperbaric, we want our patients to understand the entire HBOT treatment process. Understanding each step of the process can help you better understand the potential effects, results, and benefits. Whether it is hyperbaric chamber Autism treatment, hyperbaric therapy for depression, or other non-brain related treatments, to learn more about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can affect your body, contact us today.



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