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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a treatment where the patient breathes pure oxygen in a special pressurized chamber. It is an effective treatment for many medical conditions, including decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, and wound healing. You can receive HBOT in either a monoplace chamber or a multiplace chamber. Both provide the same treatment but can accommodate patients with different preferences.

Monoplace Versus Multiplace Chambers

The main difference between monoplace and multiplace chambers is the number of people each chamber can treat. Monoplace chambers can only treat one patient at a time. They are more private, and some patients might consider them more comfortable. Multiplace chambers are chambers that multiple people can sit in to receive treatment. In these chambers, patients breathe oxygen through masks or hoods. The pressure in a monoplace chamber is usually higher than the pressure in a multiplace chamber.

Benefits of Multi-patient Chambers

Both monoplace and multiplace (or multi-patient) chambers can provide you with effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy results. The type of chamber that you choose can vary based on a few situations or preferences. The following benefits of multi-patient chambers can help you decide which type of chamber is right for you:


Multi-patient chambers are sometimes more cost-effective because they are able to treat multiple patients at once. They allow healthcare facilities to treat more patients in a given time frame. Because they are able to spread the amount of time and resources to more than one patient, the cost may be lower. 

More Space

If you do not like being in small spaces for extended periods of time, or you suffer from claustrophobia, then you might prefer a multi-patient chamber. Multi-patient chambers are built to treat multiple people at once, so they typically offer more space than monoplace chambers.

Enhanced Patient Interaction

Multi-patient chambers allow patients to interact with one another during treatment. This can be helpful for patients that have anxiety or do not like being alone during treatment. It can also help promote support among patients that are going through the same treatment. If you do not like to be alone and think you may appreciate receiving treatment alongside other patients, a multi-patient chamber may be beneficial for you.

Availability of Medical Support

With all types of HBOT, technicians are always close by and ready to help. At Aalto Hyperbaric, our technicians are always available and ready to answer questions and assist however they can. In monoplace chambers, the technician cannot go into the room with you the way that they can with multi-patient chambers. They are still able to offer support quickly, but there will be a barrier separating you. In multi-patient chambers, technicians can remain inside the chamber during treatment. This may help reassure some patients and make it easier to relax.

Lower Pressure

The pressure inside a multi-patient chamber is often lower than the pressure inside a monoplace chamber. This is because it is easier to control and lower the pressure for a smaller chamber, and it can be more personalized to the patient. Low pressure is part of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and allows your lungs to take in more oxygen. Patients that are sensitive to pressure changes may prefer the lower pressure that can be found inside a multi-patient chamber.

Situations That Call for Multi-patient Chambers

Monoplace chambers are good for individual use because they offer more personalization, but certain settings and situations may benefit from using multi-patient chambers, including:

Hospital Settings

Hospital settings may use multi-patient chambers because they can accommodate multiple patients with varying conditions and treatment requirements. This makes providing treatment more efficient for the hospital and its patients. HBOT can be an effective remedy for a variety of injuries or illnesses that are treated at hospitals.

Rehabilitation Centers

Similar to hospitals, rehabilitation centers often have multiple patients that require treatment. Multi-patient chambers allow them to treat all patients who need hyperbaric oxygen therapy at once. Patients with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, or other conditions that require rehabilitation can benefit from HBOT.

Disaster Relief

Situations that qualify as disasters usually involve multiple people that require immediate attention and care. Using a multi-patient chamber in these situations can help save time and resources. Multiple people can benefit from hyperbaric chamber therapy at one time instead of taking turns trying HBOT individually.

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Both monoplace and multiplace chambers can be effective in treating your condition. The chamber that you decide on will depend on your preferences. Aalto Hyperbaric can treat many conditions, including FDA-approved conditions and off-label conditions such as Alzheimer’s and depression. We can help you decide between a monoplace and multiplace chamber and work with your provider to make sure your treatment plan aligns with your needs. Schedule an appointment with our team today.



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