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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is a medical therapy that entails breathing pure oxygen in a special chamber or room. It speeds up the healing processes and can improve a number of conditions. 

HBOT is a popular treatment for decompression illness or deep-sea diving complications. The therapy can also help treat diabetic ulcers, arterial insufficiency, radiation injury, severe burns, severe anemia, and skin infections.

9 Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Promotes Blood Circulation and the Creation of Collagen 

HBOT saturates your blood cells and tissues with high concentrations of oxygen, which helps increase your blood flow and circulation.

It also supports the growth of new blood vessels and stimulates cells to produce certain compounds. These certain compounds include vascular endothelial growth elements that draw and stimulate endothelial tissues that are essential for recovery.

1. Enhances Wound and Inflammation Healing

Chronic wounds often result from damaged blood vessels that release fluids. These fluids leach into the body’s tissues, resulting in swelling. Tissue swelling or inflammation reduces oxygen supply to the tissues, causing tissue death.

The treatment helps enhance wound healing by providing tissues starved for oxygen with oxygen-rich plasma. It simply helps prevent body tissues from swelling by flooding them with oxygen. A highly pressured HBOT chamber increases oxygen concentration in the blood, thus increasing tissue circulation. Our treatment at Aalto Hyperbaric aims to:

  •   Reduce tissue swelling
  •   Curb tissue death due to oxygen deprivation
  •   Promote tissue regeneration

2. Improves Immune System Function

HBOT saturates cells and tissues with oxygen. High oxygen concentrations improve the body’s natural immune response by increasing white blood cell production efficacy and effectiveness. Oxygen saturation in the cells also aids in displacing harmful pathogenic molecules from the body, thus promoting cell integrity.

3. Fights Infections

High oxygen concentration in the blood helps fight infections, particularly infections caused by anaerobic microorganisms. These microorganisms thrive in low oxygen concentrated areas. The rich supply of oxygen in an HBOT chamber restricts the development or growth of infection-causing pathogens. It makes these pathogens vulnerable to the body’s immune cells.

4. Improves Skin Elasticity and Integrity

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment promotes the development of new blood vessels that improve the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen–a protein found in connective tissue that promotes youthful looking skin.

5. Treats Acute Anemia

Clients suffering from acute anemia greatly benefit from HBOT therapy. The treatment acts as a bridge therapy until acute anemia is resolved. It helps push sufficient oxygen into blood plasma to reach the body’s core organs and tissues.

High oxygen concentration increases blood flow, develops new blood vessels, and encourages stem cell mobilization. HBOT treatment is more effective when combined with other therapies such as taking vitamin B12 supplements.

6. Supports Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

HBOT effectively reduces post-surgical symptoms such as redness, itching, bruising, inflammation, and swelling. The treatment increases oxygen supply, which stimulates the production of endothelial cells required for healing and facilitating rapid recovery. It also promotes collagen production which can help reduce scar appearance and the need for post-surgery medication.

7. Treats Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when you are exposed to carbon monoxide gas in a room with a limited oxygen supply. Long-term exposure to carbon monoxide results in a higher build-up of this toxic gas in the body. This causes acute headaches, lower cognitive function, and even death.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments for carbon monoxide poisoning offer oxygen-rich environments which help flush carbon monoxide build-up from the body. A high oxygen supply enhances the efficacy of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a red blood cell component responsible for carrying oxygen to the body cells. It binds with the abundantly available oxygen and restores circulation to the tissues.

8. Helps With Vascular Embolism

Vascular embolism is a complication caused by an air bubble trapped in a blood vessel. This complication arises during standard invasive procedures such as intravenous access for administering fluids or medication.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is an excellent way to reduce the embolic size and minimize reperfusion injury. The treatment helps speed up gas bubble removal from the lungs by forcing it to dissolve in the blood, reducing swelling.

9. Treats Decompression Sickness

Nitrogen can accumulate in deep-sea divers’ bodies when they’re scuba diving. Once they reach the surface, the excess nitrogen forms bubbles in their muscles, joints, skin, and other body parts. This results in decompression sickness, which causes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, pain, and numbness.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective decompression sickness treatment. The oxygen-rich supply in the HBOT chamber provides enough oxygen to expel excess nitrogen bubbles from the body.

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