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At Aalto Hyperbaric, we offer a premium facility where you can experience the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT). We can help you boost natural immunity against common diseases, stimulate natural healing and improve neurological functions. Here’s an overview of how we tailor our hyperbaric chamber treatment to your individual needs:

Pre-Session Appointments

Before you try HBOT treatment, we recommend speaking to one of our specialists. The pre-treatment appointment involves discussing your medical history, underlying conditions, health goals, and more. Our goal is to determine your needs so we can tailor the treatment to meet them.

Speaking to our HBOT specialist will help you learn more about the how HBOT works, preparations, expectations, and precautions necessary. People have unique needs/conditions, so we customize each treatment for the best results.

Preparations & Precautions

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized unit. The goal is to supply more oxygen to the lungs, blood, cells, and extremities. Before you undergo HBOT treatment, our specialist will discuss necessary preparations and lifestyle changes. HBOT can result in a heavy sensation in your ears, like taking off on an airplane or driving into higher altitudes.

Our technicians recommend showering on the day of treatment and abstaining from deodorants and perfumes. You should also remove wigs, jewelry, and other items. Abstain from alcohol and carbonated drinks a few weeks before therapy, and stay away from smoking for the entire duration of your treatment.

Other preparations and precautions include consulting with your healthcare provider concerning medications to avoid. Ask your practitioner whether HBOT is safe if you’re taking specific prescribed drugs. You should also arrive healthy on the day of treatment. If you have a fever or cold/flu, avoid treatment until you’ve fully recovered.

Managing Expectations

The pre-treatment meetings can help clarify your concerns and doubts about HBOT. Our technicians are dedicated to transparency and will answer all your questions to help you set realistic expectations. Although HBOT can relieve various conditions, the treatment has limits. Some issues require specific treatments and procedures.

We’ll help you manage expectations and focus on the benefits of HBOT treatment. Some of the popular issues you can address with our hyperbaric chamber treatment include skin problems, sustained injuries, and wound healing. HBOT can also address neurological, internal, and disability issues. At Aalto Hyperbaric, we focus on real problems HBOT can treat.

Our technicians will help you understand the process, its benefits, what you can treat, possible side effects, and more. Treatment can take 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the severity of your condition. Some clients also need several sessions spread throughout several months. Others can see improvements within a few weeks. Our specialists will customize the treatment timeline to your needs.

HBOT Medical Supervision

Learning the benefits of HBOT, how the treatment is delivered, and what to expect is important, but you need professional treatment. Your benefits will only come once you start treatment, and our team is here to monitor everything. We offer professional medical monitoring as soon as you enter the chamber. Our technician can help you address any discomforts and will guarantee your safety.

Whether your treatment is half an hour or more than two hours, our technicians will remain observant. Our goal is to make sure the treatment is smooth and comfortable. If you’re in the single-person chamber, wave an arm whenever you want assistance. Our attendant will quickly respond to help you achieve the benefits of the HBOT treatment.

Supervision is critical to the success of hyperbaric chamber treatment. The weight of pressurized oxygen can sometimes be too much to bear for several minutes. If you need a break, our technician will instantly stop the chamber. We aim to help you enjoy the benefits of maximum oxygen supply to the body. Our team is invested in your safety and well-being.

HBOT Treatment Adjustment

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is customized to your condition, so no two clients have the same schedule. Our technicians will monitor your progress to determine whether the treatment achieves the targeted results. Most clients need several treatments to start seeing concrete results. We can also adjust the plan, which may include increasing or reducing the session hours.

If your treatment takes several weeks, we’ll probably adjust the sessions and schedules a couple of times. Your needs will change over time, especially if the sessions are working well. A healing wound or condition will need fewer and shorter sessions. You may also need more treatment sessions to boost recovery.

At Aalto Hyperbaric, we stimulate natural healing processes and improve neurological functions. Our technicians also keep accurate records to make sure your treatment is optimized specifically for your body.

Professional Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

Hyperbaric chamber treatment has many health benefits, from encouraging anti-aging to improving vasculature and boosting natural immunity. Aalto Hyperbaric can help you explore the benefits of HBOT provided by experienced technicians. We have premium equipment and leading practitioners who can guarantee professional treatment tailored to your needs.



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