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Contrary to some beliefs, depression isn’t something you can easily turn off. For many patients, treatment is the only viable solution. Hyperbaric chamber therapy has gained a lot of prominence in treating depression over the past few years because of its impact on the prefrontal cortex.

Grappling With Depression

Depression manifests in various ways in different people. For some, it manifests through sleep, where you either oversleep or can’t sleep. For others, it’s evident in drastic mood changes. You can be feeling alright one day but sad and angry the next.

Articulating these feelings to others is difficult. Most patients withdraw from their loved ones and sometimes can’t even perform easy tasks.

Depression is a primary concern for researchers. They have introduced treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and electroconvulsive therapy to help treat this condition, each with different impacts on patients.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the most recent treatment. Aalto Hyperbaric keeps up with current developments and is one of the top HBOT providers in the US.

How Does HBOT Work?

HBOT treatment involves pure medical-grade oxygen provided in a hyperbaric chamber. Medical practitioners initially used HBOT to treat decompression sickness. The therapy has also proven effective in treating conditions like depression, anemia, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

HBOT floods your body with more oxygen than you breathe under normal conditions. This reduces swelling and increases blood flow throughout the body.

People with depression display low activity in the prefrontal cortex. HBOT increases blood flow to this part of the brain, thus increasing activity and reducing depression symptoms.

During HBOT, patients breathe in pure oxygen for a few minutes while in a hyperbaric chamber. Aalto Hyperbaric practitioners administer the oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure to improve absorption. The resulting increased blood flow triggers dopamine release, which enhances motivation and concentration. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy?

Some medical professionals use CBT, electroconvulsive therapy, and pharmacotherapy to treat depression. But these treatments carry effects that may negate treatment results.

HBOT is popular because it is believed to be just as effective, if not more effective, than other options. It doesn’t pose the risks associated with other alternatives. Here are some top benefits of HBOT:

It’s Suitable for Patients of All Ages

Did you know that roughly 4.4% of children between 3 and 17 years old have depression? A common misconception is that only adults experience this disorder. In fact, some treatment options solely focus on what the adult population can and can’t handle. 

HBOT caters to the needs of children and adults, helping promote the healing process and fighting off infections. At Aalto Hyperbaric, patients only need to relax, breathe in, and let the oxygen do all the work. While there isn’t an exact age requirement for who can recieve HBOT, clients should be able to lay still for an extended period of time.

Our employees undergo training focused on offering proper care for children when they need such treatment. We’ve also equipped our chambers with entertainment systems so both children and adults alike can watch their favorite shows.

The chambers also contain communication systems. These enable patients to talk to people outside the chamber when needed. Rest assured that we have your needs and those of your children at heart when you visit our facilities.

It’s Safe

When compared to other treatments, HBOT ranks higher on the safety scale. This is one of the core reasons depression patients embrace the therapy. HBOT doesn’t carry adverse side effects like antidepressants. With antidepressants, you never know whether you’ll feel better or worse.

Pharmacotherapy is a trial and error treatment that may put your health at risk. We focus on our clients’ general well-being and strive to provide better solutions. That’s our core reason for concentrating on HBOT in depression treatment.

HBOT is also safe since it’s not invasive. You only have to enter a special chamber and breathe in like you would in a typical atmosphere. Aalto Hyperbaric staff will guide you through any questions or concerns you have during the process.

With our treatment, you never have to worry about developing a dependence. Dependence is a significant risk with some treatment options.

Some patients report withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing certain medications. But, HBOT is different. You can continue living life as usual after treatment.

It Has No Down Time

You don’t need to take much time off work or drop regular activities to undergo HBOT. HBOT needs little to no down time. One of the reasons behind this is that it simply involves the natural process of breathing.

You also don’t need to be under sedation to undergo HBOT, as is the case with other treatment methods. Depending on your recommended treatment time, you only need to set aside a few minutes or hours. Our HBOT practitioners tailor individual treatment sessions beforehand so you can plan appropriately.

HBOT Is the Answer to Getting Better

Depression can feel like the end of the world. You’re plagued with negative feelings you can’t quite put into words. But, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Aalto Hyperbaric is dedicated to taking the healing journey with you. Our HBOT is a worthwhile treatment option. It’s safe, doesn’t need much recovery time, and is effective for patients of all ages. Get in touch with us to start your healing journey. Enjoy the immense benefits of natural healing today.




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