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Top athletes today use some of the most innovative and cutting-edge treatments available, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Their extreme training regimens and demanding travel programs create an extraordinary strain on their bodies. Therefore, rest and recovery are an integral part of an athlete’s daily routine.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has become a favorite recovery tool for athletes in many sports, whether they’re in the off-season or in-season, because of the immense benefits to their bodies. Athletes usually use hyperbaric oxygen therapy for injury prevention, performance optimization, and recovery & rehabilitation. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can help anyone seeking to obtain greater overall health and wellbeing.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, works by enhancing the body’s natural oxygen capabilities.

HBOT provides your system with 100% pure oxygen so that it can maximize the efficacy and effectiveness of your body’s natural healing processes. Although this treatment may seem complicated on a cellular level, the remedy itself is straightforward. HBOT does not require any recovery period, making it attractive to anyone with a hectic schedule.

During an average 60 minute session, hyperbaric oxygen therapy administers up to 4 times the normal oxygen intake found in atmospheric conditions. In this period, patients can read, listen to songs, work on a notebook, watch a film, or have a nap. Many go back to their regular activities immediately, so athletes may enjoy an HBOT session right before a game or regularly during training, or as a post-game recovery.

“HBOT provides your system with 100% pure oxygen so that it can maximize the efficacy and effectiveness of your body’s natural healing processes. “

Why Athletes Are Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Professional athletes receive HBOT to help them recover from various kinds of injuries, ranging from joint pain to muscle tears to broken bones and even concussions. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a multitude of benefits for athletes, including:

  • Increasing Physical Performance
  • Improved Mental
  • Clarity
  • Better Sleep
  • Decreasing Soreness
  • Healing Inflammation
  • Increasing Energy

In particular, to the NFL, where the prevalence of CTE is becoming more well-known, several famous athletes are using HBOT for recovery. Joe Namath is one of the most outspoken users of HBOT therapy. After retirement, Namath began to use HBOT to tackle his symptoms of cognitive decline after multiple concussions. Namath used SPECT scans to examine the damage to his brain before, during, and after HBOT sessions. After 40 sessions of HBOT treatments, Namath showed improvements to the blood circulation in his brain. After 120 treatments, his SPECT scans showed normal brain blood circulation.

Another former NFL player, Rashad Jennings integrates hyperbaric oxygen treatment into his recovery regimen. In an interview with the New York Post, he mentions using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to “…energize and rejuvenate…even on a cognitive level.” Rashad Jennings played for the Oakland Raiders and New York Giants, rushing over 3,772 yards.

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