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Hyperbaric medicine is non-invasive, has few side effects, and has proven to aid in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and ailments. There is evidence to show that recovery time and wound healing improve after HBOT treatment. There have been many studies and significant amounts of research published about hyperbaric medicine. Here is what you should know about hyperbaric medicine and wound healing:

What Is Hyperbaric Medicine?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also known as HBOT. It was initially used to treat divers with decompression sickness, or “the bends”. The bends are painful and can be deadly if left untreated. Complications from the bends are rare today because of hyperbaric chambers. Doctors noticed that HBOT had uses beyond healing divers from the bends. Today, this treatment can also address a variety of ailments.

HBOT works by saturating your cells with oxygen. Oxygen normally only makes up about 21% of the air that we breathe. In a hyperbaric chamber, oxygen levels are 100%. Your body needs oxygen to heal, so people with low levels have slower healing. Your lungs collect more oxygen in the HBOT chamber because of the high pressure and oxygen levels.

At Aalto Hyperbaric, we provide FDA-approved single-person chambers for private and personal treatment. Inside this hard-sided chamber, high-pressure oxygen will be applied at up to three times normal levels. Aalto Hyperbaric offers varied treatments sessions depending on your ailment and treatment plan. Within this time, your body will collect more oxygen than it would otherwise. 

Is HBOT Safe and Tested?

Hyperbaric chambers have been used for treating a variety of illnesses since the early 1900s. However, scientists and doctors have been researching this concept since the seventeenth century. Hyperbaric medicine is safe, painless, and non-invasive. You will have the chance to relax during your treatment and nap or catch up on your favorite shows.

The FDA has approved HBOT for many different conditions, including wound healing, diabetes, retinopathy, nephropathy, among others. There is evidence to show that this treatment can speed the healing process of soft tissue wounds. It is also an approved therapy to improve the healing of skin grafts and flaps. Those with thermal burns or radiation injuries may also see improved wound healing with HBOT. 

Side Effects

Most people do not experience any side effects other than some pressure felt in the ears or sinuses. If you do notice side effects, they are usually mild. It will feel similar to the pressure you feel on an airplane or driving through the mountains. Right after treatment, you may feel lightheaded, but it should soon pass after you return to normal oxygen levels. 

Is HBOT Right for Everyone?

You need to consult with your doctor before coming in for HBOT. There are a few conditions or medicines that can interfere with treatment. You will also need to make sure that you do not consume alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine before your treatment. Nicotine and caffeine can cause your blood vessels to constrict, which prevents the absorption of oxygen. However, HBOT is safe for all ages.

How HBOT Stimulates Healing

To promote healing, your body must have healthy circulation and blood oxygen levels. If for some reason your blood oxygen levels are low or you suffer from poor circulation, healing can be delayed. HBOT can improve your circulation and blood oxygen levels to speed up your healing. 

High blood oxygen levels cause many other reactions in your body. Angiogenesis is one of these reactions. This is the stimulation of capillary growth and helps increase blood flow. Higher blood flow brings more oxygen into cells, which improves their ability to heal. 

This therapy can also help reduce the pain of your wounds. HBOT can relieve inflammation and swelling. It may even promote the healing of infections. HBOT has antimicrobial effects and helps to remove harmful bacteria from your body.

HBOT stimulates specific cell growth. More white blood cells are present in your blood after HBOT therapy. White blood cells improve your body’s healing and immune function. HBOT also promotes the creation of collagen and skin cells. Collagen is the connective tissue that is found all over your body. 

The benefits of this therapy do not stop at building collagen and white blood cells. HBOT also helps to build endothelial growth cells. These cells have many roles within your body to promote healing. They control blood clotting, cell regeneration, and immune function. Having more of these cells can also reduce tissue damage and improve bone health. 

There is good evidence for the healing effects of HBOT. A study at Johns Hopkins found that wounds treated with HBOT heal faster and are less likely to become infected. Another study found that HBOT improves outcomes for surgery patients. 

Visit Aalto Hyperbaric

At Aalto Hyperbaric, we offer state-of-the-art care and a personal experience. Our HBOT chambers are made by Sechrist Industries, a leader in HBOT. These hard-sided chambers are FDA-approved and thoroughly tested, and are some of the best in the industry. 

In addition to the best chambers available, we only use monoplace chambers at Aalto Hyperbaric. This is to give you the private and personal experience you deserve to treat your injuries. You will not need to breathe through a mask and can enjoy the procedure at your leisure. The clear acrylic allows you to easily see through in all directions, which helps prevent feelings of confinement.

Before you visit us, you will need a doctor’s prescription. 100% pure oxygen is labeled a drug by the FDA, and you will need official approval. You can make an appointment with your primary care doctor or visit with one of our physicians to make sure you are fit for HBOT. 

You do not need to delay your treatment any longer. HBOT has almost no side effects and can help you in ways you do not expect. You may even notice benefits to your mental health or hair and skin. Hyperbaric therapy is safe for children and adults of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about HBOT and schedule your first treatment. 




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