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There is an increasing body of knowledge demonstrating the effectiveness of hyperbaric chamber treatment over traditional medical methods. Hyperbaric chamber therapy treats various conditions and illnesses, including Alzheimer’s. HBOT can also speed up healing time and increase the rate of wound closure. So, how long does it take for HBOT to go into effect?

What Is HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment that can address conditions like depression, decompression sickness, strokes, wounds, and diabetic foot ulcers. How long it takes for HBOT to be effective depends on your treatment type and situation.

You are placed in an enclosed hyperbaric chamber during a therapy session to inhale and be immersed in 100% oxygen. Each chamber has higher than the average air pressure, controlled to ensure effectiveness. When inhaling air, all your body fluids, cells, and tissues absorb oxygen. The absorbed oxygen helps to stimulate and restore functions of damaged organs or cells. 

When Does Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment Take Effect?

Treatment depends on how much oxygen you are getting, how long you are getting it, and your overall health. Patients typically see marked improvements in the healing process after just a few weeks of regular treatments. Anyone facing long-term conditions may find their situations improve with hyperbaric chamber treatments ongoing. 

Anyone considering HBOT should commit to multiple treatments per week, as it will take a few weeks to see results from your sessions. Note that there is not a specific timeline for how long it takes for hyperbaric oxygen therapy to be effective as how many treatments you need also depends on your condition.  

Here are two conditions (acute and chronic) that HBOT has been known to treat and how long it has shown to take for the treatment to go into effect.

Acute Conditions

If you have an acute condition, you will notice that the treatment effects are almost immediate. For example, during HBOT for decompression sickness (DCS), symptoms like pain or weakness usually disappear within a few days. Patients using HBOT to treat wounds will only require treatments that last from 30-90 minutes and will quickly see significant improvements in the wound’s appearance.

Chronic Conditions

The effects of hyperbaric chamber treatment may not be as immediate if you have a chronic condition. Since your body is already used to living with low oxygen levels, it may take several weeks to experience changes. However, even if you do not feel immediate relief, that does not mean that your hyperbaric chamber treatment is not working. The oxygen you breathe during therapy is healing your body at a cellular level. It also helps fight infections, heal wounds, and build new tissue. Hyperbaric treatment process can take time, but it will only become more effective as your body builds on each session.

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Do You Feel Immediate Relief?

You will not feel immediate relief after using hyperbaric oxygen therapy as it takes time for the body to heal. Even then, after healing, you may not see or feel any changes — at least, not right away.

You might experience some relief from symptoms when you leave the pressure chamber. Increased oxygen levels in your blood can relieve certain symptoms associated with low blood-oxygen levels. Some of these symptoms include headache and shortness of breath. However, these effects are temporary and should not be confused with the long-term results of HBOT.
You will experience a change in energy levels, mood, and overall well-being after exiting the pressure chamber. The oxygen stimulates the human body, similar to caffeine, so people often leave sessions feeling energized and refreshed.

What Impacts Healing Speed?

Every patient heals differently, Age, the illness or condition you have (as well as its severity), and overall health play a role in how quickly HBOT works for you. When combined with physical therapy or wound care, HBOT can even be more effective. As a result, you are likely to experience improved health and wellness.

The human body repairs itself at a rate that is unique to each person. During treatment, be patient and follow your doctor’s recommendations for care. Your body needs time to heal itself and adapt to hyperbaric chamber treatment changes. Also remember to allow your body time to respond to treatment.

Many patients experience noticeable improvement in symptoms with regular treatments for conditions other than decompression sickness. You may experience different symptoms while receiving HBOT. These symptoms are normal and should improve as you continue treatment. You may also experience fatigue, nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

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