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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is a great way to heal injuries and improve health overall. For people who are embarking on a journey of health, HBOT can be a great support. By providing more oxygen to your body, you can feel more refreshed and have more energy. For those setting New Year’s resolutions, HBOT can help you accomplish your goals.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

To understand how HBOT can help you achieve your health goals, it is important to understand what it is. Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy is a unique process that involves getting more oxygen into your blood. This is done through high-pressure oxygen delivery, accomplished through a hyperbaric chamber.

All the patient is required to do is sit in the chamber and relax. The air pressure is increased to double or triple the amount of normal air pressure, and the mixture of air is changed to be 100% oxygen. The mixture of the higher pressure and oxygen levels help the body to collect more oxygen in the lungs and blood vessels. As blood cells and tissues become saturated with oxygen, it promotes healing and

The average treatment takes between 60-120 minutes and the benefits layer with each treatment. That means, over time, the benefits increase through HBOT use. These treatments are safe for people of many different health levels. The FDA has approved hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a health treatment for 14 conditions.

Improving Health with HBOT

There are three main ways that John’s Hopkins has discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps support health. These three ways are healing, boosting immune function, and stimulating cell growth and each can support and improve health function to meet common health goals.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been proven to help heal wounds and treat specific medical conditions. The higher concentrations of oxygen in the plasma heals blood vessels to prevent fluid leakage and decrease swelling. When swelling is lowered, damaged cells and tissues can get needed oxygen to heal. This works in almost every area of the body, from high vascular areas like the brain to lower vascular areas like the appendages.

For health goals, this helps because it can promote healing to get you to a higher physical ability. Healing is faster and more efficient after exercise programs, which is why hyperbaric oxygen therapy for athletes is a common practice. HBOT can help heal sprains, sore muscles, and even tendinitis faster than traditional treatments. This means HBOT can help everyone achieve activity goals in less time.

Boosting Immune Function

Higher levels of oxygen in the body helps to fight off certain bacteria. By promoting the mobility of white blood cells, the body is more equipped to fight infection and resist bacterial effects. When the body can fight bacteria and infection, it is healthier overall. This helps with accomplishing New Year’s goals to keep you in optimal health to keep crushing your goals.

Stimulating Cell Growth

Cell regeneration and new cellular growth is a great way to feel better overall. As new blood vessels are formed, it attracts more endothelial cells to come grow, repair, and develop tissue. Tests have shown that it creates more collagen in the skin, expels dead cells, restores blood vessels, and even improves common skin conditions. Overall, this is an important part of HBOT anti-aging benefits as it helps improve the look and feel of skin.

Achieving Your Goals

If you are setting New Year’s goals this coming year, keep hyperbaric oxygen therapy in mind. It can be a great tool to helping you feel better and stick to your goals. Use the best tools around you to help you achieve more and stay motivated. This year, you can actually reach your goals with HBOT by working smarter, not harder. Contact us today to see how we can help.



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